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dance lessons in a dance class

Discover Dance

Mini Movers

discover dance youth dance lessons

2-4 Year Olds
1.5 Hours/Week

young dance class lessons

4-6 Year Olds
2.5 Hours/Week

For our youngest dancers. Our syllabus is specifically designed for 2-4 year olds to learn proper technique and classroom etiquette through Creative Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Acro. Our studio is certified through the Acrobatic Arts AcroDance Preschool Program, specifically designed for this age group. 

Single classes are available, contact the office for more information.

A more structured option for young dancers with at least 1 year of experience or older beginners. Designed for 4-6 year olds, we continue to focus on technique and classroom etiquette while adding performance and choreography aspects. Classes focus on Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acro and start to introduce syllabus work based on CTDA, ADAPT, and Acrobatic Arts. 

Single classes are available, contact the office for more information

Graded and Specialty Classes

Once students are ready for structured classes they move to our Graded Classes Program. Starting with Primary Level dancers work through a progressive syllabus. Class placements are based on age, experience, and ability and are at the discretion of our teachers. All students in this program are encouraged to take a minimum of 3 one hour classes each week. Single class options are available, contact the office for more information. Once a week classes are also offered for teens and adults, please contact the office to find out our current offerings. Specialty Classes are available as single class options or as an addition to the Graded Classes Program



Ballet is essential for the development of technique used in every dance form. Students gain strength, coordination and flexibility while gaining skills that will transfer to their other classes.

Ballet is recommended for all BDC students.

tap dancer


This is where we make noise with our feet! Students learn technique, musicality, and coordination. We explore both Rhythmic and Broadway styles of tap

Modern Dance Leap


Lyrical dance embodies various aspects of numerous dance styles and explores the emotional aspects of music and choreography. Students with a basic knowledge of ballet and jazz are encouraged to explore how they can use their dance steps to create a story using fluidity and grace

Stretch and conditioning classes

Stretch and Strength

This specialty class is designed for dancers and other athletes who want extra training options, or anyone looking for a new way to stay active. Following the Alixa Flexibility Syllabus we focus on safe stretching and strengthening exercises. Students in this class will work independently under the supervision of a certified teacher to focus on their specific goals  



A fun and fast paced class focusing on developing muscle strength, stamina, flexibility, and technique. This high energy class introduces leaps and turns as well as safe stretching. 

Jazz is recommended for all BDC students.

Jazz is mandatory for all Acro students.

acro dance acrobatics


Acro combines classical dance technique with elements of gymnastics.

We follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus and focus on progressions to help keep our dancers safe.


Tumble Time

Specially designed for gymnasts and cheerleaders, this class uses Acrobatic Arts drill and progressions to help students develop desired skills in a fun and supportive environment. Students in this specialty class must be enrolled in gymnastics or cheerleading, or have approval from the Studio Office to join

Dancing on the Grass_edited.jpg

Dance with Me

This specialty class is designed for an adult and child who want to dance together in a zero pressure environment. More than a "Mommy and Me" class, this program is designed for students of all ages who want to spend time and stay active with a family member. Additional family members may be added at an additional cost

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